Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Something STINKS in Alaska-The American Life Of Sarah Palin

In her book that she did not write, "Going Rogue" is supposedly about the American Life of Sarah Palin, but this blog I discovered opens up the possibility of the Real Life of Sarah Palin. I spent hours reading last night as the author of the blog weaves together time lines and stories of the Palins and life in Alaska. (I will note here that I have spent much time since the election researching Palins and have never believed for one minute that Sarah is the mother ofTrig Palin)

I have been in constant amazement since Palin stepped onto the platform as VP of her ignorance and ability to pump up the crowd in a frenzy of hate and racism. What amazes me more is the media response to this woman. They don't want to touch the truth behind this woman because they are either afraid of her or the train wreck has brought them such high ratings that the truth no longer matters. (I'm not just talking fox noise but mainstream media as well) From what I can see, the truth would make them all rich as well so why are they protecting her? Judge for yourself!~Mem

Palin Babygate

The Great White Shark
We all know exactly what these three guys are staring at, and it isn't some sexy lady walking by in a bikini. With all due respect to the ladies who actually questioned The Wild Ride and loaded up the Babygate bandwagon even before we guys stopped being mesmerized by the cute librarian's winking, blinking, and waving, this is a story about the guys. Audrey, Morgan, Helen, Bree, and a number of others long ago recognized a fish tale when they heard it, but it took us guys a little longer to step back from the pretty lady, take a deep breath, and smell the stench of pit bull doo-doo, even when it was colored nicely with lipstick. I'm sure all you long-time readers of the blogs will recognize these three shark hunters as the resident lawman, the outside upstart, and the grizzled old-timer. If you have not yet sorted out the players, I am sure by the end of this article, you will fully understand. Read More....

Coincidental Evidence

Sarah Palin doesn't believe in coincidences.

Back in 1967, Benjamin Braddock sat in on a few courses at Berkeley. Ben had already received his undergraduate degree with honors from an unnamed Ivy League university, but he was not enrolled in the graduate program at UC Berkeley. He was driving around campus in his red Alfalfa Duetto Spider, a rare model built only in '67, and following Elaine Robinson wh
erever she went. Ben did not want Elaine dating and marrying the local hunk frat rat, so he was just making himself as visible to her as possible. We did not use the word back in The Sixties, but now we call it stalking. Norman Fell, who would later make a name for himself simply by being continually suspicious that Jack Tripper was not gay, was quite suspicious of the activities of Benjamin Braddock. He thought Ben was an outside agitator and he didn't like him, even a little bit. Ben was simply a nice guy in love, but Norman Fell's character didn't know that. Read More....

The Secret Gag Order
There has been one, particular, very stinky odor surrounding the whole Palin Phenomenon since the beginning: the secret gag order that has so obviously been taped across the mouths and keyboards of all the media. The latest Saint Sarah cover story in Newsweek is only the latest in a long line of supposed journalistic endeavors that are nothing more than a regurgitation of an unscrupulous politician's lies. If this poot emitted from the rear end of this particular skunk had even once been questioned or analyzed, the attitudes of all of us caught within sniffing range might not be so restless. The fact is that not one single television or major print journalist has even remotely attempted to tell us the truth about this issue. The closest we have come is through Andrew Sullivan, who after reading the stinky poop passed off as journalism by Lisa Miller, asked her directly for the source of her story. She had the gall to shovel self-righteous horseshit back on Andrew as if he were the impertinent one! Read More...

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