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People with a brain do NOT ♥ Palin Folks!

Posted by Tana Ganeva at 9:23 am

New Hampshire “Mama Grizzly” Kelly Ayotte loses moderates’ support following Sarah Palin’s smarmy Facebook endorsement (from Public Policy Polling):

Kelly Ayotte’s seen her appeal to moderate voters crumble in the wake of her endorsement by Sarah Palin and her lead over Paul Hodes has shrunk to its lowest level of any public polling in 2010- she has a 45-42 advantage over him, down from 47-40 in an April PPP poll.

There’s not much doubt that the shift in the race is all about Ayotte. Hodes’ favorability numbers have seen little change over the last three months. Where 32% of voters saw him positively and 39% negatively in April, now 35% have a favorable opinion of him to 40% with an unfavorable one. But Ayotte’s seen a dramatic decline. Her favorability spread of 34/24 in April was the best we’ve measured for any Republican Senate candidate so far this year but her negatives have risen 15 points since that time while her positives have increased only 2 and she now stands at 36/39.

Most of the movement both in feelings about Ayotte and in the horse race has come with moderate voters. Moderates make up the largest bloc of the New Hampshire electorate at 47%, and Hodes’ lead with them has expanded from just 8 points at 47-39 in April to now 21 points at 51-30. Ayotte’s favorability with them has gone from +5 at 32/27 to -19 at 27/46.

The Palin endorsement may well be playing a role in this. 51% of voters in the state say they’re less likely to back a Palin endorsed candidate to only 26% who say that support would make them more inclined to vote for someone. Among moderates that widens to 65% who say a Palin endorsement would turn them off to 14% who it would make more supportive.

Ayotte embraced Palin’s endorsement (and probably sought it out), calling her a “a conservative icon who has brought enormous energy to our Party.” Public Policy Polling notes that Palin’s support may have helped Ayotte out with Republican voters — but so-called moderates make up the majority of voters in New Hampshire.

May I remind you that these people vote and are the very ones who listen to fox media and love Sarah Palin! ~Mem

*Added note for those not aware, this video was taken during the election when Fox Media was still promoting HRC even though she had formally ended her campaign Jun 7, 2008. Even in September they were still trying to anger the crowd (especially the women who supported HRC) hoping these people would vote for McCain/Palin.

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