Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Our Story- Just One Of The Many

During the elections hubby and I started seeing the Republican Party for who they really were and we switched parties. I also started this (online scrap book that you are reading now) for my granddaughter. I wanted her to see history in the making. Much of it had to do with us switching parties but also for the first time in history an African American man was running for Presidency.

I have decided to tell our story now because I am angry with the Republican Party and their hate towards the American People. I am angry that they insinuate that people like my hubby and I feel entitled. I am angry at the Republicans who complain to us that they are losing everything and have the nerve or stupidity to blame President Obama. I want people to know that many of us are in this situation and we are silent about it because we are made to feel ashamed by the Party Of No and hateful, racist media like Fox. I would encourage anyone who is in the same situation to comment here and tell your story. We are in the same boat and I am tired of being ashamed of something that we had no control over. The blame belongs to The Republicans and Bush, Period!

Hubby and I had just left Houston and he had quit a job of many years. Being from Colorado I hated Houston and the few years I lived there after we were married was miserable. I talked him into buying a place in the Country in a small town about 80 miles NW of Austin. He got a job immediately and I did back-up for the small shops in town. (I had a brain hemorrhage in 1987 and was doing pretty good until three years ago and I had a stroke which does not allow me to work full time and gives me time to do my art. This is part of the reason the HCR passing was so important to us. I cannot get medical and hubby no longer has medical insurance as well. The fear for those of us without it is overwhelming) About a year after we arrived things started falling apart with the economy, hubby was laid off and I was not used as often as a back-up because businesses were slow. This was all happening during the elections.

It didn't take us long to figure out that this was a Republican town and they hated Obama and I say that politely. There were very few Democrats and we knew not to voice our opinions too strongly. We feel that several factors played against us in this tiny town. Our age, no jobs, being democrats and hubby being over qualified for most jobs here.

During the elections everything crashed! Overnight we lost 18,000 out of our 401K and never recovered most of that. We have spent the last 2 years living on our life savings (that is now gone) and hubby started receiving unemployment. It has been really hard because he is embarrassed and he does apply for jobs continuously. For the rich snobs to say that people are on unemployment because they are lazy is heart breaking. These people have no idea the shame and desperation a person feels when in this situation. Many just like us have paid into SSI and Unemployment for years and to make us feel ashamed or embarrassed is Anti-American and despicable on the GOP's part!

We have been getting our house ready to sell and our plans are to buy a used RV to live in until we find a job that is steady and near Austin. We have learned not to jump into buying a home again just anywhere and we never want to be this close to being homeless again.

It has been a struggle (and I would have to write a book to tell the depth of it so I will end this) but through all of this we know that if President Obama had not been put into office we probably wouldn't have a home to sell right now. We have never regretted switching parties and we have never regretted voting for a President we believe will change this world for the better. ~Mem

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