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The Drudge Report Trolls with Foxonian Visual Lies

Posted on by Sarah Jones

The Drudge Trolls with Foxonian Visual Lies

Foxonian Visual Lies Courtesy of a Desperate Drudge Report

While Right Wing screams about liberal media bias, and they scream even louder when they’re busted flat out lying to their audience (Acorn video, Sherrod video, etc), they continue their assault on reality via any means necessary. To this end, The Drudge Report felt compelled to use the Foxian trick of using visual imagery to lie for them yesterday when they attempted to lay blame for missing Iraq reconstruction money at Obama’s feet.

We all know, of course, that that money went missing during the Bush administration – but that’s because we are….not Fox Drudge drones. In other words, we read and we are informed. Sadly, the folks in the Right Wing Echo Chamber rarely — if ever — hear anything resembling the news, which might explain why they are so angry all of the time, but heck, that’s a chicken or the egg thing. Read More....

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