Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Alaska Democratic Party Challenges Our Lady of the Flaming Pants

Remember that email that was blasted out to everyone who ever donated to Sarah Palin’s (il)legal defense fund? The one that decried the “vicious campaign” perpetrated by left-wing activists to destroy her, and was sent at exactly 2:18pm Alaska time? It talked about all the “hysterical commentaries” from the lame stream media about the ruling that her legal defense fund was in violation of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. The timing of the email was quite funny because the email bomb was sent out well before the press conference was even over, and before there was ANY reaction, never mind the “hysterical” one that was cited by the Palin perpetual motion spin machine that operates on precognitive paranoia.

Contained in that “woe is me” email were so many lies and distortions it was hard to keep track. But it didn’t really matter because the mission of the Palin enterprise isn’t to tell the truth, silly. It’s to rake in the cash!

And lies work waaaay better than truth at cash raking where Sarah Palin is concerned.

Apparently we weren’t the only one to notice the flaming pants. The Alaska Democratic Party noticed too. Here’s what they said:

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