Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?



John McCain was at it again today, releasing yet another ad full of lies about Barack Obama and taxes.

The McCain campaign is using a manipulative, dishonest method to calculate how many times Barack has voted to raise taxes, and they came up with the number 94 -- completely unsupported by any independent analysis of the record.

So using his own standards
and turning around the McCain campaign's bogus counting method on his record would mean that John McCain has voted 477 times to increase taxes!

I have to say that a year ago I had respect for John McCain as a war hero. I have never had any respect for him as a man because of the way he did his first wife and three children.

I also think that he has been very dishonest while serving in the senate and Keating Five is a good example.

I have no respect for a man who was a part of shutting down the efforts to look for MIA and know for a fact he does not look out for the veterans here at home.

I have no respect for a man who has 7 homes and 13 cars and votes against raising minimum wage every time it comes across the table.

I have no respect for a man who say’s that women are not qualified to do the same jobs as men and just need more education.

I have no respect for a man who wants our men and women to stay in Iraq for political purposes and oil.

I have no respect for a man who runs a dirty campaign through lying over and over again.

I especially have no respect for a man who chose a woman who is so unqualified to be VP (Or President should he die) for pure political reasons.

John McCain is no straight talker or maverick. John McCain has always been a man who does what he has to in order to further his wealth and career.

I no longer have ANY respect for John McCain and Sarah Palin should be ashamed to call herself a Christian and so should the many who support this kind of lying and behavior. Sarah Palin is not following the laws of the land, (which the bible tells us too) by refusing to adhere to subpoenas and investigation into the trooper gate. Sarah Palin has lied and manipulated the system and then says she is a Christian.

The fact is Sarah Palin and John McCain are the scariest thing that could happen to our country if they were to be elected and I would not want to be “the so called Christians” who helped them get there.

For all of you "Hannities" out there that call yourselves Christians and yet you promote HATE and RACISM I have a message for you!

I have not gone to church for years although I was raised in church because I got tired of all the "so called Christians" who appointed themselves GOD!

Yet I still remember one of the first songs I ever learned in church. I guess they don't sing that one anymore? Let me remind you...

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his site. Jesus loves the little children of the world!" I guess what's good for Jesus isn't good for the rest of you?

Maybe this is why the scripture says that "Not all who cry Lord, Lord will enter into the gates of Heaven"-Mem

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