Do you ever get the feeling that Tea Party Republicans see the phrase “Ignorance Is Bliss” as a Mission Statement?


Obama Rolls Out "Small Town" Superdelegate

Barack Obama's comments on small towns have not been lost on his campaign. On the heels of picking up three superdelegates yesterday, today they announced the endorsement of superdelegate Reggie Whitten from Oklahoma. Whitten makes sure to speak positively of Obama's connection to small town voters three times in a single statement.
"I have decided to endorse Senator Barack Obama and will work wholeheartedly to see him become the next President of the United States. Some say there is no particular need to endorse at the present time. However, I believe this is a defining moment, not only for our Party, but also more importantly for our country. Therefore, I made the decision to commit now.

"While deciding to support Senator Obama, I thought of my history and my future. I'm from the small town of Seminole, Oklahoma: a city that is predominantly hard-working middle class citizens. It is important that our next President keep small towns like Seminole in mind when he talks about our economy. I am very sincere in my belief that Senator Obama will do just that. When I talk about my future, I, like most people, think of my children. The next administration will have a great deal to say about their future and the world they inherit. As a parent, I am confident Senator Obama has the courage, skill, and experience necessary to lead America forward.

"Whether it is his willingness to tell corporate America what it needs to hear instead of what it wants to hear, restoring America's standing abroad, or inspiring young Americans to commit themselves to public service, Senator Obama's message is equally refreshing and inspiring. It is no coincidence that voters, especially young voters, are turning out to vote in record numbers.

"As we move closer to the convention and, from there, to the general election in November, I am certain Senator Obama will continue to build a broad coalition of Democrats, Independents, and yes, even Republicans. He unites us in the belief that without change in Washington, we as a nation cannot begin to address the challenges and opportunities of our future.

"In conclusion, for these reasons and many more, I'm proud today to stand with Barack Obama and his growing movement for change."

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